Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Strongest Life

If you're a woman (or someone who knows a woman), you may be hearing the buzz about Marcus Buckingham's "Your Strongest Life."

This guy is so good at self-promotion, he's on Oprah. AND Huffpost. Etc. Etc.

And, apparently, knows the secret to reversing the happiness decline among women.

What is it, you ask? Oh, simple:
Do what makes you happy, and only that. Stop doing all that crap you think you SHOULD be doing, and do what you actually like.

(Only he phrases it like "imbalance your life toward moments that make you feel strong.")

For example:

"Search your moments. Whenever you consider taking on a new responsibility or commitment, investigate and be certain that there are opportunities for strengthening moments within it. If the commitment doesn't offer you the chance for such moments, DO NOT TAKE IT ON. Do not take it because you are worried about letting someone else down or concerned about not doing enough. You do enough. You ARE enough. Accept yourself. You are at your best when you're committed to activities that strengthen you. As you take more of these on, you'll find yourself more energetic, focused, clear and happy. Stop prioritizing your goals and start prioritizing your MOMENTS."

I'm going print this out and post it above the sink, the laundry, the toddler's clothes dresser (heck, maybe even over his bed), and the bills pile.

"Sorry, honey, I can't do chores. The experts say it's bad for my mental health."

Let's see how that goes over, eh Marcus?


Blogger The back of the hill said...

"Sorry, honey, I can't do chores. The experts say it's bad for my mental health."

So it's basically a new improved version of 'follow your bliss'.

Laying on the back porch with a chilled glass of Chablis is EXCELLENT for mental health.

10/08/2009 4:54 PM  
Blogger Samantha Wilde said...

And he's making so much money off that stuff!
Also thatks for the fascinating link to the article on women's happiness. THAT is interesting.

10/08/2009 6:27 PM  

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