Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Books as Collector's Items instead of Clutter has a lot of great tips and inspirational articles on living more simply (with less clutter) in small spaces.

Now, the current BC/Tzip abode isn't tiny - we've probably got around 1200sq ft., at least - but it does seem to fill with clutter way too easily.

(I won't mention a certain husband's disdain for actually PUTTING THINGS BACK WHERE THEY BELONG when he's done with them. No. Not a word about that.)

Anyhoo, I had a radical thought today, looking at pictures of various collections, and feeling like I'm just NOT a collector - but then I realized, oh, yes, I am! And so is BC! And so is the toddler!

We all obsessively collect books.

(No, really, we actually can't fit all the toddler's books into his bookcases now; it's becoming embarrassing, when the babysitter comes over and can't get to the rocking chair b/c of all the books in the way.)

What happens if I think of our books as collectors' items, to be displayed and appreciated, rather than just stuff and clutter to be stored again until we need it?

We already have it set up that way in the living room, mostly, with all the prettiest of the Judaica grouped together on attractive Mission-style bookscases. But BC's study is just crammed with tons of books on cheap white shelving, jammed in any which way.

Have to think on this some more...


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