Thursday, December 08, 2011

Screw pink ribbons. Photobomb!

Jenny "The Bloggess" Lawson doesn't necessarily have cancer. Since I'm incapable of any real medical help, I can offer only metaphysical support, in the form of expanding her photobomb.

This one's for you, Jenny.


Blogger Jenny, the Bloggess said...

And now I'm a part of history.

12/09/2011 8:46 AM  
Blogger The back of the hill said...

The only sane woman in that picture.

12/09/2011 4:46 PM  
Anonymous David Star said...

Amazing enhancment to this historical photo ...

3/01/2012 10:04 AM  
Anonymous Name Necklace said...

You add a lot to this image .

3/01/2012 10:07 AM  

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