Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ohio. Not as bad as Idaho, but...

Both cats arrived late but traumatized, and we drove to the 80s-chic hotel near our new house at 1am to sleep off the trip. A week later, one of the cats is in the (very expensive) pet hospital with an unknown liver issue, while Bad Cohen is down with a 102+ degree fever and I'm watching the laundry grow to epic proportions because the washer apparently has a short that will kill the computer through some kind of appliancide.

I would relieve the stress with some shrubbery pruning (there's a holly extending a foot into the very narrow driveway), but all of the mosquitoes in the state have converged on our yard. And kindergarten starts a week later than I thought, so The Kid and I have an extra 6 days to continue our battle of wills over how much TV is too much.

Just in case anyone was wondering why I'm not online or, you know, sane.


Blogger The back of the hill said...

The eagle has landed!

8/16/2011 5:25 PM  

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