Friday, February 27, 2009

View to a Kitchen

The kitchen peninsula/bar/counter-thingy is currently playing home to a number of items:
  1. A giant tray of itsy-bitsy pots in which we hope tomatoes, eggplants, and other green edibles are germinating
  2. A selection of hamantaschen recipes
  3. The usual crap, shoved further over to make room for the above.

Purim comes at a good time.

Just when I'm getting really impatient to be out in the garden, despite the constant downpour (it's Oregon, after all), we get the distraction of baking and costume-making and grogger-practice. Apparently it takes a lot of practice to get your grogger on. Or so I'm gathering by the Toddler's efforts.

Also, after two days of being sick at home, watching HGTV almost constantly, I am much more fully aware of how much style is lacking from my home decor. My end tables are not faux-finished to complement the draperies. My dining room lacks a cohesive style (unless you count "splatter-stain" as a style). Clearly I have not been using my 15 minutes a day of free time optimally.

But I feel redeemed when I look down to the very bottom shelf of the freezer and discover two full containers of lekvar - that nectar of the gods - preserved from last summer's plum harvest, and all ready for use as hamantaschen filling. See, people? I can do the thrifty housewife thing.

You know, even though I'm not technically a housewife.


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