Thursday, April 30, 2009

Celebrating Poop*

No, not as in political poo-flinging, but honest to goodness, potty-training poop.

In the potty.

The cute little blue one, that looks like it ought to be a Japanese footbath, or a designer doll-bathtub.

I'm not counting my underpants before they're... umm... not hatched, maybe just bought? but the toddler did his usual post-bath run back and forth to the potty last night and squeezed out an actual poop.

A big one.

Then another little itty bit.

Which landed on the floor. (Don't worry, I scooped it up right away).

We were careful to praise thoroughly, and reward the toddler with 5 chocolate chips, a treat normally reserved for Shabbat.

Who knows, maybe he really will be potty-trained before kindergarten!!

(I kid. He's 2 1/2.)

*Give me a break. My life is poop and work and fence-repair and cooking and watching my husband take pain pills. If we can't celebrate what we've got, how will we keep from going crazy?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Not posting a lot lately, things are busy as I try to fix the crumpling fence and gates around the house so the toddler won't escape into the street, and still keep up with all the usual work-grocery shopping-cooking-cleaning-not going crazy-ness.

For an idea of what else I'm working on, I recommend this great article:
Married to Fibromyalgia: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Parenthood and marriage are all about personal growth, right? ;-}

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, extra veggie hors d'ouevres are a GREAT idea to keep hunger at bay during the seder. Big hit.

Unfortunately, no matter how long the seder goes, if you feed them extra at the beginning, and follow it with a boiled egg, matzah ball soup, homemade gefilte fish, artichoke-and-fennel chicken, salad, and dessert...

you WILL have leftovers.

Lots and LOTS of leftovers.

Good thing we cleared out the freezer before the chag.

Does gefilte fish freeze well? We'll let you know.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Lipstick on a Pig

Curtains, I can do.

Silk dupioni, in a grey-ish blue, from fabric bought super cheap at the fabric remnant place. Easy, they look great, they're perfect.

Gustavian-style antique hutch, with a light yellow interior and dull greyish green exterior? Easy, sure - but really, your old melamine hutch is going to look like a painted melamine hutch. Cute. But not antique.

Sigh. maybe I can convince Bad Cohen it's time to invest in some real furniture.

(On the bright side, the yellow interior is really, really cheerful, and now I can actually see all our wineglasses, etc.)