Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So anyway

this morning the Toddler and I are sitting on the couch, cuddling, sharing a bowl of warm oatmeal, and I remember I need to pay some bills. This is the first time he's seen me deal with the checkbook, I'm pretty sure, since we normally put this off until after he's asleep (or hell freezes over, I forget which).

It's hard enough to explain how using a debit card at the grocery store equals paying money. Now try explaining that some things you get first, and then have to remember to pay for later. Good thing they send these nice little reminders. Or not so nice little reminders, by the time it's the third notice...

Somehow we segued over to talking about tzedakah, and how we were going to bring in all the tzedakah money we've been putting in the jar ("for the hungry people" he interrupts - ok, so something is sticking) for our Tzedakah v'Chesed committee the day before Purim.

Turns out he knows the money is for other people, that's the whole point, but now he's upset about "sharing" it.

Kid doesn't really have any concept of what money is yet (I can tell by the way he responds when we tell him we're out of something - "go buy some at store"), so I think this is really about the sharing issue in general.

Turns out he wants to make sure we get to keep the jar, so he can keep putting money in it before Shabbat. (Awwww... yes, he's that cute)

I suspect it will be a much harder sell "sharing" the hamantaschen when we go to deliver the mishloach manot on Tuesday.


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