Friday, May 06, 2011

In Good Company

There's Passover! And Bad Cohen is still finishing his thesis. Oh, and The Kid needs a bigger bed, and a bike. And...

It's amazing what excuses I can come up with for not dealing with something difficult. Fortunately, I'm starting to feel more optimistic about our impending move to C..C..C..


There, I said it. We're moving to Cleveland. In about 3 months.

Leaving behind our families, my garden (!) and everything our son has ever known, except of course his parents, so Bad Cohen can get a PhD. I'm a little freaked out.

I'm also really excited. Turns out I already know one really fabulous person who lives there (you know who are are, rebbetzin), and am getting to know some more. Hooray, blogging!


Anonymous Vicki said...

OHMommy also lives there...not Jewish, but a blogger does Rima!

Plus, you are only a fabulous 8 hours away from Philly *ahem*

5/06/2011 1:27 PM  
Blogger The back of the hill said...

I really want to say something snide and sarcastic about Cleveland right now.
Just can't think of anything.

5/06/2011 4:54 PM  
Anonymous Leah Weiss Caruso said...

Now, now, Cleveland is the most underrated city in the USA. It's an awesome place to live. Can't wait to meet you MM!

5/07/2011 9:21 AM  
Anonymous homeshuling said...

i *love* matchmaking. (admittedly, usually i've met at least one of the matchees.)

5/07/2011 8:43 PM  

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