Friday, December 11, 2009

Mom's Lessons from Chanukah

Sure, the oil lasting eight days is cool, and little Jewish boys love to run around waving fake swords and pretending to be Judah ("The Hebrew Hammer")Maccabee, but the real lesson in Chanukah is something you might hear from your mom:

If there's a mess, clean it up.

Yes, yes, by all means finish kicking out the Seleucids and their proxies, but really, you can't leave the Temple like THIS!

Sure, it may seem overwhelming - where to start? With a mess this big, is there even a point?

Stop worrying and grab a broom. Turn the chairs back upright, clean out the dirt, and for God's sake SOMEBODY round up those damn pigs!

There, that's starting to look a little better. Now, has anybody found some oil?


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