Friday, July 20, 2007

HP Spoiler Avoidance

As usual, Bad Cohen has ordered our copy of the latest HP book (the final one, now) from, so we don't get the adulterated Scholastic-crap US version, where they think you won't understand that "colour" is the same as "color", etc.

Which means, as usual, we will be getting our copy a week or two late.


(deep breaths, deep breaths)

Only this time, I'm kind of relieved, because it means the end has not yet arrived. As long as I don't read the final book, the series isn't over, right? (Of course, once I start reading, I won't be able to stop, so I'm already freezing milk and laying out outfits for the baby so someone else can take care of him... heh heh, such an optimist.)

However, this means that until I can read it, I must avoid all potential spoilers.

So, starting Sunday, if your blog post references HP in any way at all, I will NOT read it. In fact, I may un-blog completely until I can get to it, just to make sure. (yeah, right)

That said, here are my predictions for Deathly Hallows:

1. Harry (or the scar) IS a horcrux. At some point in Book 7, the scar will be removed, and HP's destiny will be separated from Voldy's. Of course, he might still die.

2. Ron will snuff it. Remember the chess game in book one (for those of you who actually remember and tolerated book one)? The knight will sacrifice himself to the queen (Bellatrix, obviously) so that Harry can capture the king (Voldy).

3. Neville must have some resolution around his parents' plight, so he may be the one to avenge Ron. Wouldn't it be awesome if he inherited Ron's wand (or just picked it up) and it turns out to work for him (unlike dear daft papa's)?

4. Harry will learn his final lesson - he cannot do everything himself, he needs others, and must trust them to take some responsibility. (In short - delegating and teamwork.)

5. Petunia will have a moment of heroism.

6. Kreacher and/or Dobby will play some critical role at some point.


Blogger The back of the hill said...

My blog is Harry Potter free.

7/20/2007 5:30 PM  
Blogger The back of the hill said...

And of course, when I first saw the abbreviation HP I thought 'Hewlett Packard'.

"Hewlett Packard? Why is she worried about Hewlett Packard? This makes no sense.... They're wrong about something maybe?"

7/23/2007 9:42 PM  
Anonymous Chaim G. said...

Just finished it, You're predictions were quite on target. But unlike Harry and Voldy you still can't see through J.K. Rowling's eyes.

8/07/2007 9:43 PM  

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