Thursday, June 28, 2007

Concerning efficiency...

DovBear has a lovely ode to his wife's efficiency up this morning. Since I don't have anything else to write about, I'm claiming this as a meme to prove how much more efficient women are than their husbands.

(Bad Cohen, feel free to refute me on your OWN darn blog) ;-}

What I did before 9:30 today (admittedly, not as impressive as Mrs. DovBear):
(1) Fed the cat
(2) Had breakfast, read paper
(3) Showered, dressed
(4) Fed baby, changed his diaper, got him dressed
(5) Put away clean laundry
(6) Straightened up the living room, kitchen, and dining room
(7) Stocked the diaper bag and gathered my stuff together
(8) Changed baby's diaper *again*
(9) Got baby, diaper bag, and stroller off to grandfather for the day
(10) Went to work
(11) {Did a whole bunch of work}
(12) Had a meeting
(13) Checked blogs
(14) {Did a bunch more critical work to solve someone's crisis}

What Bad Cohen did before 9:30
(1) Told Tzippy how tired he was
(2) Rolled over and went back to sleep
(3) Got up, had breakfast, shared Cheerios with baby
(4) Did some baby-wrangling and distraction while Tzip changed baby's diaper
(5) Kissed baby and Tzip goodbye
(6) {Probably read the paper and sat in a stupor for a while}
(7) Edited (his own musical) compositions

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What part of "No!" didn't you understand?

Ah, how time flies.

My darling son is now capable of understanding much of what we say. "Do you want a take a bath?" (Yeah! and heads straight for the tub). "Can you show daddy your books?" (crawls quickly to the bookcase and begins denuding it en masse of all paper-based materials).

"Sweetie, no, No! Not for you." (Turns head to look at me, giggles, and proceeds with what he's doing. Usually stickign his fingers in the VCR slot. Or trying to stand up by hanging onto the fan. Or banging on the window.)

I remember thinking how frustrated I was not know what he wanted.

Now we know what he wants. And he is intent on having it.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

(Apparently not) Pissing off Ed

Proof* that Tzipporah the Midianite is also the "Cushite woman" referred to in this week's parsha comes from a simple Gematria:


The value of Tzipporah = 49

הָאִשָּׁה הַכֻּשִׁית

The value of "The Cushite Woman" = 101

which is simply a redundant way of referring to Tzipporah - the woman, the Cushite

(49+49 = 98)

in the presence of the three neviim

(Aharaon, Miriam, and Moshe = 3)

Incidentally, it is no accident that Tzipporah's number is 49. She is the bridge between Moshe's affiliation with his own people, and the acceptance of his path in their salvation (which leads to Sinai), just as we must count 7 weeks between Pesach and Shavuot.

(*Yes, I am kidding. Gematria is hilarious, don'tcha think?)