Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexism in Infographics

There are plenty of jokes about female drivers, but statistically, we have fewer (and less serious) accidents than men. Enough so that adding a woman driver to your account can lower your car insurance premiums.

So how in the world did insurance company I-Mingle let this "safe driving" infographic past an initial review? Apparently, female drivers are the symbolic equivalent of just-slightly-better-than-a-16-year-old...


Blogger corti said...

Interesting observation! However, assuming that we're not all "experts", the room for argument is that they didn't represent the female at "experienced." This makes sense in tandem with the insurance premiums though. With experience comes cockiness that makes men take risks on the road (the image even says that "experienced" doesn't necessarily mean safer). The fact that women are safer drivers could either be because we're safe in safety's own right, or simply as an artifact of being less experienced.

5/27/2011 3:27 PM  

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