Thursday, September 02, 2010

Goody bags! It's just like a birthday party! Sort of.

The best thing about the hospital is the swag.

Bad Cohen spent an entire weekend in the most expensive hotel in town, and left with no diagnosis, but they did give him a giant plastic cup. With a very, very large straw.

We scoped out the rest of the goods, but the linen was all wrong for our beds and we decided the clothing was designed to deter theft. I mean, Armani it's not. Although it was fun, trying to choose between the gown with the missing tie (ooh la la! scandalous!) or the one with the rip over the breast pocket, which you could use to slip your pills down if you didn't feel like taking them. Of course, he didn't get any pills, they just slipped stuff into his IV. But that's ok, the liquid is probably the good stuff, anyway.

Turns out if you take the giant straw out of the giant cup and blow into it you've got the world's most annoying whistle. The kid figured that one out. That may be why the straw got "lost" last time it went through the dishwasher.

(I'm not proud. But neither am I a saint.)


Anonymous Vicki said...

Sorry to hear about the hospital...hospitals are no fun, and I hope he is at least feeling better, if not diagnosed. I've never stolen anything at a hospital, but have, indeed, taken hotel slippers.

9/03/2010 7:10 AM  
Anonymous Minnesota Mamaleh said...

sorry to hear about the big events. besides the straw, not fun. you, however, are simply fabulous. you know that right? sending all i got your way.

9/03/2010 11:45 AM  
Anonymous homeshuling said...

I got that same cup when I give birth in Oregon. Massachusetts, however, gave me a lousy little cup with no straw.

9/05/2010 9:12 PM  
Anonymous TJVM said...

Don't forget the cute little plastic wristband with your (well, his) VERY OWN name on it.

9/06/2010 8:58 PM  

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