Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sukkot decorations. Get your ass in gear.

The holidays are REALLY freaking early this year, and last night the Toddler* and I were hanging out in the garden, watching rain clouds move in (must be time for the county fair!**). And it felt sort of like fall, which made me think of Sukkot, which made me think, "Hey! Let's make stuff for the Sukkah!" Which led to a discussion of why we couldn't just put a metal roof on the Sukkah to stay dry. I hate it when the kid makes more sense than me.

Anyway, I've been wracking my brain to think of fun sukkah decorations that:
  1. we can do together (he's almost 4, so nothing involving torches or melted glass)
  2. don't look tacky and horrible
  3. can stand up to a week of rain (because, hello, it's Oregon)

So far, all I've got is ribbon chains (like paper chains, only less likely to end up as soggy bits of colored crap spread out all over my deck).

I'm also seriously considering his idea of stringing up his Star Wars toys like they're flying through the Sukkah, if only because it would really make Bad Cohen happy.

Any suggestions?

*Actually the preschooler now. Maybe I'll just start calling him "The Kid." We do, after all, live in Oregon, although hippy-town isn't exactly the Wild West.

** It ALWAYS rains during the fair. Always.


Anonymous Minnesota Mamaleh said...

*wow* i shudder at the thought that fall is so, so very close!! and at the very same time? omg do i love the star wars figures idea! *everyone* in my family would be all over that!

8/22/2010 10:11 PM  

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