Monday, April 14, 2008

Tactile Seder

With several toddlers at the seder, I decided the first night would be a tactile kiddie seder, to engage their senses and catch their attention. Here's what I have planned, so far (aside from the food):

1. A camping tent with a covering painted like a pyramid - letting them climb in and out, and placing some Egypt and Passover themed toys inside it. Also keeps them occupied while parents are doing some parts of the seder.

2. Colorful plastic pitcher and bowl for handwashing - there's nothing kids love more than splashing. Adding some color makes it even better.

3. Traveling through the sea - I found a gorgeous blue and green patterned silk with white and green glittery beads at the fabric store. Bought 3 yards of it, which the parents will hold up and make "waves" for the kids to travel under when we tell that part of the story.

More coming as I get carried away...


Blogger The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

I'm sorry I only saw this now... please remind me to look at this again before next Pesach (you know, the one in Yerushalayim).

4/23/2008 9:58 PM  

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