Friday, March 04, 2011

Identity: It's not all about you

San Franciscoans are set make circumcision illegal. And probably not because they're squeamish about body piercing, but because it's about identity, damnit.

hat-tip Vicki Boykis:

"circumcision contravenes some essential liberal values. It is evidence of a sexual double standard. It’s a painful and bloody rite whose purpose doesn’t lie in any immediate medical need. It marks a boy as a member of a group in a way that precedes his own decision-making, challenging the individualistic belief in a self-created identity."
Is community incompatible with self-determination?


Anonymous Friar Yid said...

Sigh. SF activists never fail to go chasing after any chance for attention.

I look forward to voting against this in November.

3/04/2011 7:06 PM  

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