Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warm chili on a cold day

There is something very satisfying, after braving the cold rain and bad parking around the museums, to sitting down with your short person and enjoying a nice hot cup of chili while he stuffs his face with PB&J. Cut diagonally, which makes it extra special.

The problem with a Jewish school is that it follows a Jewish calendar. So, instead of having my holidays to myself, I now have a buddy for every first and second day of every damned holiday we have. As of this writing, 2nd day of Rosh Hashana shall be observed by petting opossums, comparing skull sizes on Australopithecus and Gorillas, supporting newly hatched butterflies on one's forearm, and eating apple crisp.

 I'm hoping the sharing-one-umbrella-through-a-long-walk-in-a-downpour is not an annual event.


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