Monday, March 29, 2010

Passover crafts - toddler approved

So this year I finally got around to making the play-pyramid I thought of a couple years ago. It ended up being pretty easy.

Went to the local giant box store and got:

  • 2 primed pieces of MDF, 1"x2"x10ft, cut in half (four 5' lengths) for the base

  • 4 of the same, at 6' lengths (for the upright pieces)

    hardware (screws, a couple corner braces)
  • and lots of beige fabric (which I already had on hand - probably 5 or 6 yards, altogether)

I made a "U" shape with 3 of the base pieces _, using the corner braces and screws, so I had a 5x5' square.

Then cut the uprights at an angle and screwed them onto the base at each corner, so they met in the middle, about 5 feet up. You can figure out the angles with some complicated trigonometry, OR you can just draw a tiny scale model where 1 centimeter = 1 foot and then you have a paper template to put on your MDF sticks and draw the lines where you need to cut.

This part took about an hour, with the toddler's "help".

Then I spent a couple evening measuring, cutting, and sewing together the fabric sides - probably 3-4 hours altogether, while watching TV. (Remember to leave a doorway on one side!) I attached the fabric with a staple gun to the bottom edges, and folded the extra fabric underneath.

So far, it's served as train station, nap room (with couch cushions inside), and cat play-area. During the seder, the children will be allowed to go in, but must spend any time inside building with mega blocks (so they can experience the "hard labor" of Mitzrayim).

Pretty fun, and with the wooden parts all labeled, it can be disassembled and stored for next year fairly easily.


Anonymous Minnesota Mamaleh said...

i couldn't possibly love this idea more! creative and fun-- the way holidays are meant to be! chag sameach to you and yours!

3/29/2010 3:29 PM  
Anonymous The Rebbetzin said...


3/31/2010 8:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Why the hell didn't I find this a fortnight earlier...only God knows.

Next year....b'li neder.

4/06/2010 1:56 AM  

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