Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cabin Fever

This week we've received some unprecedented cold weather, along with snow. Since we only have 2 plows for a county the size of Massachusetts, the roads have been ugly.

And the drivers have been worse.

Fortunately, as we wandered in and out to the driveway, hacking at the ice on and around the car, wondering if it would be better to get stuck, alone, in the car int he freezing cold a mile down the street, or to get stuck, inside, with the toddler for hours on end, we had company.

Very nice company.

Very entertaining company.

In fact, mommy was actually *rejected* on several occasions in favor of the toddler's new playmate, a former colleague of Bad Cohen's, who was here with her SO on a visit. She's great. not only can she cook, she can apparently play with miniature train sets and twirl around in circles for hours on end.

We now face the bleak prospect of more snowed-in days with a toddler whose expectations have been raised unreasonably.

Pray for us.


Blogger The back of the hill said...

who was here with her SO on a visit

To indicate precisely how ghastly this time of year is, I should mention that it took me several seconds to realize that SO in this case meant 'significant other', rather than SALES ORDER.

12/23/2008 4:41 PM  

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