Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Almost there...

Eggs? check.

Matzah? check.

Maror? check (fresh AND prepared!)

Parsley? check. Well, check it soon to see if it's unwilted in the water glass in the fridge. And check the garden to see if the fresh stuff is big enough to cut. And check that the neighborhood cats haven't visited the garden recently.

Lamb bone? check. right in the freezer where we left it last year.

Kitchen cleaned? check.

Chametz removed? check tonight with a candle (cool! this is fun)

Everything kashered? (ha ha ha... we still have another day, right? right??!)

Sanity? checked at the door. This is Pesach preparation, who has time for sanity? Scrub! Boil! Then go take a bath and a nap.

Hag sameach to everyone!!


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