Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The uprising

Although they napped for 20 hours a day, when the feline uprising finally occurred, it happened quickly. There's only so much they can take, after all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warm chili on a cold day

There is something very satisfying, after braving the cold rain and bad parking around the museums, to sitting down with your short person and enjoying a nice hot cup of chili while he stuffs his face with PB&J. Cut diagonally, which makes it extra special.

The problem with a Jewish school is that it follows a Jewish calendar. So, instead of having my holidays to myself, I now have a buddy for every first and second day of every damned holiday we have. As of this writing, 2nd day of Rosh Hashana shall be observed by petting opossums, comparing skull sizes on Australopithecus and Gorillas, supporting newly hatched butterflies on one's forearm, and eating apple crisp.

 I'm hoping the sharing-one-umbrella-through-a-long-walk-in-a-downpour is not an annual event.

Friday, September 07, 2012

As campaign theme songs go

... this one's not bad for Ryan/Romney. Tim Minchin would probably even let them use it!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stay at home crazy person

In a former life, post-college, I used to create analyses of HIV-patient progression in relation to treatment regimens. It was interesting, not just because of the data, but also because of the compelling stories behind the data - people were getting better, living longer, and continuing to contribute to their communities in ways they wouldn't have been able to a few years earlier, before anti-retrovirals. Of course, I was just supposed to be entering the data and sending stuff off to the CDC, but when I found out nobody in my organization had been correlating treatments and outcomes, I couldn't help it.

A couple weeks ago, I continued my obsessive analytical and creative tendency by making a 10-layer ice cream cake for The Kid's birthday. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

That sucker was about 10" tall.

But it reinforces for me that people will turn their actual jobs into what they really like to do, regardless of their job title. Technically, this summer I was supposed to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), taking care of The Kid while Bad Cohen brought in the dough doing computer programming. I put in some time, with swimming lessons and hiking and puzzles and oh my God, taking care of children is boring. BORING. And exhausting.

Hipster Toile
So instead, he got new Legos and I got a little time alone every day to do what I wanted, like practice bread recipes, create new fabric designs and read some excellent books, including Victoria Sweet's "God's Hotel," about her time working at "the last alms-house in America" and on her research about Hildegard Von Bingen, that old-time kick-ass doctor/saint/composer. She makes the case that medieval "slow medicine" may be a better approach for some long-term chronic patients, using anecdotes from her own work. (As another writer reminded me, the plural of anecdotes is data.)

The Kid's back in school now, and this year he's going to a private school (we got major aid) because I couldn't countenance sending him across the street to our neighborhood school again, to watch PG-13 movies during "art" class and overhear his friends' 23 year old parents trash-talking their kids.

He likes the new school, but he mostly likes riding the bus. "I think today I do not want to go to school, but I will ride the bus back and forth," he said, hopefully. Yeah, I think that old reframing your work trick is getting passed along nicely.