Thursday, February 02, 2012

Man, starting a bidness is hard!

First, there's the procrastination factor. As in, yes, sure, I could get another couple hours in on this prototype while The Kid is lost in Legoland, but dinner isn't going to cook itself. And really if I just moved all the furniture in here around *one more time* I might be able to reach the computer and the sewing machine without ever leaving my chair...

Secondly, confidence. I mean, if I spend an hour making dinner I know it will eventually get eaten. Even if it's the next day disguised as "burrito fillings" in someone's lunch. If I keep working on these pieces I'm trying to sell, I could just be making ridiculous gifts that will end up in the back of someone's closet. Gifts because, you know, if I can't sell them my friends and relatives are going to end up with a crapload of presents. (This would be a good time to get your name in on the list for eventual recipients. Go ahead, use the comments.)

Mostly, it's switching back and forth between mom/wife/creative-Jewish-fabric-artist-working-from-a-small-room-upstairs that's making me crazy. What nobody tells you about working from home is that it's hard to enforce your work/home boundaries. Especially with the cats.

In any case, hopefully pics of some of my new pieces will be up here soon. With order forms, and space for encouraging noises.