Monday, June 16, 2008

Tookie Monster

True story.

Sitting around on Shabbos with a sick kid, trying to figure out what to get all the various dads/uncles/grandpas for Father's Day. We must have gotten desparate, because we started asking the feverish toddler.

"Sweetie, what would Opa like for Father's Day? Is there anything Opa needs?"

He thinks seriously for a moment, then brightens up, smiles, and says:

Bad Cohen bursts out laughing because, in fact, his father DOES like cookies. A lot. The kid had a great answer.

36 hours later, Bad Cohen returns from the family Father's Day BBQ (baby and I stayed home, with children's motrin, damp washcloths, and the all-important blankie). He reports the other side of this story:

Apparently, his father has had a stash of animal crackers which the older kids sometimes raid - and share with the baby. But the stash ran out about 3 weeks ago. And every time baby Chalal is over there, he begs for 'tookies.'

So, when asked, he told us the only thing that he saw missing from his grandpa's otherwise perfect house. Tookies.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Establish the work of our hands...

No time for blogging lately b/c work is insane, AND this weekend we make our official move to our NEW SYNAGOGUE BUILDING!

I'm not quite ready to leave the old one; Erev Shabbos, our last evening service in the old building, will be hard. They've removed the menorahs and sconces from the old sanctuary walls to the new upstairs chapel/library in the new, bigger building. Ditto the stained glass windows. They couldn't move the Bauhaus painted beams - Thank G-d, they're the ugliest things in the old building - despite lots of creative thinking from the elderly members about how to transfer them.

And on Sunday, we have our Torah Procession, to escort our Sifrei Torah from the old building to the new one - about a 20 minute walk through a park and up a hill.

Cross you fingers for us that it doesn't rain!

Boy, it's hard to believe that only a few months ago, the site looked like this: